Welcome to the Hudson Park Primary School Library.  We have a brightly decorated space packed full of interesting and exciting books for all ages.  Titles and series are regularly updated so that your children have access to the best possible books.

We have a great range of fiction, non-fiction books as well as graphic novels available at all interest levels.   

Every class has a set library time each week and all students are encouraged to borrow books for literacy and leisure.  Waterproof Library bags are essential for taking books home as these protect the books. Students who do not have a bag may still borrow books, but these are to remain in their tray/pigeonhole in their class. If a library book is lost or damaged, we strongly urge parents to replace the book or cover the cost of the replacement.

Scholastic Book Club operates through our school library. Each term one catalogue is sent home and parents are asked to order online via LOOP.  No cash orders.

If you are interested in purchasing items for a gift and would like to collect your order so that your child/ren do not see the items (birthdays, Christmas etc.) there is an option via LOOP Online ordering to select GIFT ORDER.  The Librarian will contact you when your order is ready for collection.  

We receive rewards for purchasing items from Book Club that go towards buying new books for the library. 

Book Week is a big celebration for us here at Hudson Park Primary School every year.  Staff and students are encouraged to dress up within the theme for the parade that is held during the week. 

Another big celebration in the library is Book Fair.  This is held in the second half of the year and parents and students are encouraged to view and buy books to help the library earn commission that may be used to purchase new books for the library.