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Annual Reports

School Review 2019


All Western Australian public schools are reviewed every three years by the Department of Education’s Public School Accountability directorate. A review gives assurance to the localcommunity, the Minister for Education and Training and the Director General that a school isoperating effectively and delivering high quality education to its students. The reviewacknowledges the achievements of the school and gives feedback to support the principal andstaff with their improvement planning. The principal provides the review team with a self-assessment of the school’s performance basedon evidence gathered by the principal and staff. Information validated by the review team isconsidered before and during the school visit. This forms the basis for the school review report. The report is provided to the principal, the chair of the school board/council and the RegionalExecutive Director. 

Expectations of schools

For all Western Australian public schools, expectations are set out in either: the Delivery and Performance Agreement, which is an agreement between the Department (represented by theDirector General), school (represented by the principal) and school board (represented by the school board chair); or, the Principals’ Statement of Expectations and the Funding Agreement forSchools.

School performance rating

This performance rating is based on information gained from the self-assessment submission andthe validation process. It is focused on a review of the following areas of school performance:relationships and partnerships; learning environment; leadership; use of resources; teachingquality; and student achievement and progress. 


Based on this report, I endorse your school performance rating of ‘Effective’. Your next school review is scheduled for 2022. Stephen Baxter Deputy Director General, Schools.