Our Students - Digital Technology

lHPS logo-largeDigital Technologies Operational Plan 2020


The Vision:


Our school will use digital technologies to create a highly engaging, personalised learning environment that motivates all students to become confident and responsible digital citizens, who effectively communicate and collaborate with others while designing, implementing, and evaluating their ideas and digital solutions.



The strategic priority at Hudson Park Primary School is to:

  •  Develop the ICT capability of every student by providing a teaching/learning/physical environment that supports the effective and appropriate use of ICT.
  • Such that, all students learn to use Digital Technologies to access, create and communicate information and ideas, solve problems and work collaboratively in all learning areas.

This involves building and maintaining a functional network infrastructure and providing an adequate level of devices for classroom use:

  • Building the capacity of teachers so they can implement classroom practices that reflect the integrated nature of ICT in the WA curriculum;
  • Allow teachers to demonstrate an increasing repertoire of teaching expertise using ICT along the AITSL teacher standards continuum; 
  • Build teacher’s capacity to deliver the new Digital Technologies Curriculum (2021)

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